The Clues Could Include Wooly Worms, The Amount Of Leaves On Trees And Persimmon Seeds.



Internship During the past two decades, persistent anti-poaching initiatives and deliberate translocations to safer habitat have resulted in some respite to population loss. “Buffalo Kloof has an anti-poaching team with the sole duty of monitoring the rhinos through game camera traps,” Hill said. “This is one of the many projects I assisted with.” In addition to the reserve’s anti-poaching team, it also is actively engaged in research to aid authorities in detecting illegally poached rhinoceros horns being smuggled outside the country. While internships are designed to place students in real-world situations related to their field of study, Hill’s environment delivered unique challenges. For example, how does a team sedate and important link relocate a 7.5-ton male elephant that ventured outside of the reserve’s boundaries and into local communities? “The reserve has a specialized truck with a crane on it for game capture, and we had two helicopters in the air,” Hill said. “It was chaos because the adult male traveled roughly 8 miles outside of the reserve, so we had to travel on public highways.

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You have been added to Daily News Newsletter TYLER, Texas (KETK) – East Texas may be headed into a hard winter, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. PHOTOS: See Tyler before and after historic storm “I have always been mesmerized by the fact that the farmer’s almanac can be as accurate as it is,” said James Wilhite, a Tyler Horticulturist. Wilhite uses the Farmer’s Almanac to an extent, since many people have depended on it for centuries. “I don’t know how they do it, they are not always spot on, but boy they are more accurate than they’re not,” said Wilhite. While scientists rely on technology, some people say that there are more natural ways to predict the winter season ahead. “There are all kinds of ways that people look at the nature or natural systems to try and predict weather. You  know, that’s our nature to try and figure out what’s going on in advance or try or figure out an answer or a why. I think our weatherman is going to give us a good clue”, says Wilhite. The clues could include wooly worms, the amount of leaves on trees and persimmon seeds. The persimmon seeds from Made From Scratch Farm in Frankston, Texas, showed what looks like an image of a spoon, which tells us to expect a hard winter. The science, however, disagrees. [Water Consumption]