Attorney General Carr Applauds Approximately $62 Million, Or 3.1 Percent, Compared To Last Year When Net Tax Collections Totaled Roughly $2.01 Billion.

On the “little too old to be boozin’” front, Mr. and Mrs. Ryder Cup posed with the trophy … … while Phil and Amy Mickelson joined the fun for a few photo ops. The whipper snappers didn't hold back, however, with Scottie Scheffler making the best catch of NFL Sunday (good hands, Scottie!) … … Xander Schauffele firing up a stogie, his wife Maya asking him to pass that sh*t over ... … and Tony Finau playing champagne tag with his better half, Alysa. That's Katherine Zhu . She was right in the thick of the action throughout and even ended up on boyfriend Collin Morikawa’s shoulders at one point. Bold move, Cotton Katherine. DJ and Paulina did their DJ and Paulina thing … … adorable group photos were had (look at the damn camera, Xander!) ...

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I don't want to happen anyone else," said Gardner, who is gainfully employed. That's why he was surprised to get a letter from the Illinois Department of Employment Security saying they were sending him $1,500 in unemployment money. SEE ALSO | Illinois unemployment notices from IDES cause confusion, worry in those told they owe thousands Someone may have filed in his name. Although most fraudsters have the money routed to themselves, in this case, Gardner started receiving the funds. After many attempts, Gardner talked to an Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) agent who gave him instructions to send the money back. He immediately did. Then he got a letter saying he owed close to a $100 balance, so Gardner said he spent even more time trying to get in touch with IDES asking why. When he finally got through, he was told by a state agent that the money he owed was for the taxes IDES paid the IRS for that unemployment money. "I have to pay it back, or I have to file an appeal. By the time I file an appeal and get them on the phone to get that done, it'll be time to file for my taxes," Gardner said. "I don't want the IRS to have any negative information about me.